At Serious Masonry, Gordon Doucette combines all the elements of soil, plants, irrigation systems, water features, and maintenance to create a relaxing haven. 

Doucette will design your landscape dreams by composing a balanced, lush story of plants, stone and water. Your eye will be led through a journey of leaves, flowers, and stone eventually landing on the focal point where you hear a trickle of a fountain, pond, or waterfall. 


Serious Masonry specializes in installing Hydrawise irrigation systems operated by wi-fi enabled controllers. This type of irrigation is connected with the local weather stations in the area so you are confident that your outdoor space will remain healthy with the perfect amount of moisture.

This irrigation is also excellent for commercial installs for its security feature. If there is a break in the line, it will alert you via email, informing you of any issues. 

Not only does Doucette design beautiful outdoor living spaces but because they are maintained, and secured, you will watch as what began as an impeccable foundation design flourish into an oasis of relaxation.

If you would like a fabulous water feature or an amzing outdoor kitchen, we can help you have the backyard of your dreams.